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Cumulus Play designs and builds modern, integrated software and data solutions on Microsoft Azure. We merge Microsoft and Open Source technologies to deliver real business benefits that save time and money.  As senior Microsoft architects for Azure & Active Directory, we can help with all your digital transformation initiatives.  Contact us at Cumulus Play to set up a free consultation.

Azure offers a full set of integrated and intelligent services that supports all your security and management needs. Turn on Azure Security Center to gain full visibility into the security state of your virtual machines, proactively identify and mitigate risks, and quickly detect and respond to advanced threats. Use Azure Backup to safeguard your data from ransomware or human errors. Monitoring solutions, such as Azure Monitor, help you quickly troubleshoot and address application issues. Governance capabilities, such as Azure Policy, help you effectively govern your Azure environment with policy-based management. All these tools are built into Azure to help you get started faster.

Are You Ready?

The bottom line is, before you take on any cloud lift, regardless of the intended cloud platform, you must do a complete assessment of your current on-premise servers, applications and workloads to first determine what can actually be lifted to the cloud without hindering your users’ ability to be productive.

Once you have identified what can be lifted, the next step is to map out a cloud design for those applications (full cloud solution or hybrid) and match that up with the cloud provider’s service offerings to achieve the most cost-effective cloud solution. Cumulus Play is here to help determine the best path for your organization. 

Cloud Migration Assessment

As more organizations, including schools and tertiary institutes, explore cloud migrations from on-premise servers, the number one question is always “how much will it cost me and how much can I save?”

Recently, Microsoft have released a free cloud migration assessment tool that you can see here:

Click here to start the free cloud migration assessment

There are three ways you can import data into this assessment tool:”

  1. Manual Import – essentially entering the RAM/CPU/OS specs of your physical/virtual servers one at a time into the online tool
  2. Bulk custom import – download an Excel template to manually update the specs and then import into the online tool
  3. Automated discovery and import – this utilizes the free Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit. This can be configured to scan through all/part of your server network to automatically identify the specifications being used and then generate an import file for the online tool.


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